Technology is key throughout the entire production cycle

Technology plays a crucial role throughout the entire production cycle and, thanks to the automation of certain phases of our work, has a positive impact on the timetables, costs and timely detection of any problematic issues.


Thanks to the introduction of the PLM, we have created an online platform that allows for monitoring at all times during the life cycle of the product and for the sharing of information with clients who use the same system.  The  integration of this function allows for the management of the activity flows, information and data throughout the entire process in an organized and automatic manner, yielding clear benefits in terms of reducing  the timeframes for communication and performance of processes and improving the accuracy and quality of the monitoring. The PLM is also integrated with the RFID system (radiofrequency identification) which allows for the automatic identification and/or memorization, through radio messages, of information concerning issues of interest that may emerge during the process and the position of finished garments.


High quality design

With the objective of adding further technological improvement, we have implemented a CAD software program for the realization of models in 3D capable of meeting our design requirements, in order to have immediate information to facilitate the swift elimination any imperfections that may arise only in the completion phase, and that will also enable us to determine the fit of garments based upon the mechanical characteristics of the various fabrics used. It also allows for material savings in the production of prototypes, and a reduction in the movement of people.


The company invests significant resources in research and development of new technologies aimed at the ongoing improvement in the quality level of our products.