A sartorial garment always starts with the creativity of its designer

Each new collection represents a journey which, stop after stop, leads to the delineation of a trend, of a mood, which reaches its culmination in the runway garment, only to later be translated into a high quality industrial garment.


Where the initial design takes shape

This is the full-fledged focal point of our company, the area where models are created and designed, where the personnel dedicated to each brand has the task of interpreting the client’s stylistic requirements and rendering them realizable on existing garments. The pattern  maker is a fundamental professional figure, and it is around this  figure that the numerous aspects of  our work revolve, which work is carried out thanks to the keen sensitivity, sartorial savoir-faire, and the mastery of a digitalized working system in 2D that is already expected to become 3D in the near future.


The essential pillar of the entire design process

The selection and sourcing of materials constitutes a key step for  success in the creative process and manufacturing, as well as for ensuring extremely high quality standards, and respect for the highly rigorous timetables of the production and deliveries cycle. 



During this phase, the figure of the seamstress comes into play: it is a key role for our company and one that has, today, gained a sophisticated set of expertise that renders this figure the essential link between traditional hand work and modern tailoring, a highly precious resource to whose training the company dedicates extensive energy.