Zamasport is a state-of-the-art industrial player who knows how to interpret its partners’ requests, thanks to a modern and solid industrial structure, and experience gained over the last 50 years.


Zamasport has managed production and distribution licenses for world-renowned brands such as Helmut Lang, Norma Kamali, Katharine Hamnett, Romeo Gigli and, from  1993 until 2000, it was the worldwide licensee for GUCCI’s production and distribution.  The company currently collaborates with the most prestigious ready-to-wear brands, on the development of collections and industrial production, to which areas approximately 200 company resources are dedicated, with the total number climbing to 1000 if the supply chain is counted. Zamasport offers to its partners a 360-degree collaboration, from the sourcing of materials, to the development of prototypes and samples, to the delivery of the finished product, concerning all types of articles, from light-weight garments, to coats and jeans, and in its industrial process, it uses the most advanced CAD technologies for the creation of models and PLM technologies for product controls.


We offer our clients strict confidentiality on the entire production process and, in particular, on the pre-runway show collections, in order to protect the brand and innovation. 

Customer Care

Zamasport offers to its customers personalized services and sharing of information through online platforms.